I see dead people?

Well not exactly, but sort of. This is how I found out I could do mediumship. I actually have been told a hand full of times that I was psychic so let me tell you those stories…

The first time I was told I was psychic was when I was a child. It was around the age of 5. My mom would tell me this story about how I would yell ‘Mama! Mama!” and I would cry and look for my mom by the front door to the house, and on multiple occasions my babysitter would open the front door and say “Look your Mama isn’t home”. But as soon as the words came out of her mouth, my moms car slowly comes up the street and she would arrive within minutes of me calling out for her. My mom worked crazy hours and never got home at the same time. I also recall seeing ghost in the house that I first grew up in. It was a thing, everyone knew that place was also occupied by ghost. My family is very spiritual and superstitious so my mom taught us to let them know “Hey this is my home I live here and you can’t touch me” but also respect them at the same time.

When I was younger my cousins and I would always play “House House” where we would pretend to be witches with some kind of powers. Pretended to be the sisters from Charmed. I even made my own book of shadows. I guess I have always been into the supernatural and paranormal thing. Even if you look on my Netflix and Hulu accounts, Its nothing but Supernatural shows, DC, Marvel and documentaries about the paranormal.

I was 14 years old the second time I was told. It was the summer after 8th grade and my cousin Ashley and I were at this Filipino convention where they had all types of booths. There was a palm reader and it was only $5. So we did it. The Psychic told me that my career was gonna be something very creative, and that I had my 3rd eye open. Obviously I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I knew it had something to do with the paranormal.

The third time and pretty much the time that changed the game. October 2016 I started the beginning of my spiritual awakening (which I’ll tell you about in another post). Durning the time I had a spiritual awakening I somehow went vegan. I guess its a part of the awakening process. It was weird. Well one day when I was at work, I went to this really good Japanese Resturant Yori. . I had just gone vegan and I ordered a Avocado Roll. Which reminded me of an old coworker I had named Jordan. She was vegetarian and when we use to have lunch together at Yori that’s what she would typically order.

Let me tell you something about my friend Jordan, well at least who she was when I first met her. This young girl, who was a few years younger than me, but you couldn’t tell her age just by the way she carried herself. Short and full for fire, with long black hair that passed her butt, Pale white skin like a ghost and long pointy nails that were always perfect. She looked like a vampire and to be honestly it looked great.  She knows what she wants and she won’t settle for anything less than perfection. Some saw her as bitchy, but the girl knows her standards so how can you blame her. lol. Don’t be fooled by all the intense discriptions this girl is a princess and knows it. Her name is still Princess Jordan on my phone (which she put there 4 years ago lol) She was one of the most requested waxers and always hit her goals if not pass them. She truly set the standard even 3 years after leaving the company the owners would still mention her name. She also was an amazing friend to me when everything happened with my dad. She always took the time to give me advice and to show me things in different outlooks , even after she left the company she always made it a point to keep in touch with me.

Well anyways I got my food and it reminded me of Jordan so I took a picture of it and sent it to her… saying “Hey I’m vegan” or something along the lines of it. I also thanked her for all the advice she gave me in the past and that I see the world a lot differently. She responded by telling me my Third eye is opening. Which was crazy cause the days prior I was watching videos on Youtube about the Third eye.

Then it was like a movie. She started to say “Justine Im a medium and I’ve been able to talk to you dad for the past 2 years and sick he is technically still alive she didnt realize it til a little after” I was like What the heck! but deep inside I have always wanted an experience like this to happen. To be real with you, if anyones gonna be talking to the dead of course its gonna be Jordan lol. I then proceeded to make an appointment to get a reading with her. It was insane, I even got an e-mail confirmation. This girl has her own spa where she gives skin care services and reiki and mediumship in her spot in Orange County.  She gets booked fast so it took about a month or so by the time I went to see her.

The day of the reading I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect because my dad is technically still alive. Jordan greeted me at the entrance showed me around  her Orange County spa and led me to the room she does the readings in. It was dark, and beautiful decorated. She was gonna perform a reading while doing reiki. I was sitting down taking my shoes off while I feel a chill on my side, soon after I felt it Jordan said “Your dad’s here with us, He is sitting right next to you” That chill I felt was my papa’s soul making his self known. I laid on the bed as she starts performing reiki on me. Reiki is a form of energy healing. She starts giving me messages, from my dad. She told me stuff like how my dad is the one who is guiding me in my project with the then Blissfulvibes which is now Keys2Bliss. She also told me how I was gonna end up changing the name of Blissfulvibes and I didn’t want to but it happened anyways and became Keys2Bliss. How there is 2 baby souls with him a boy and a girl, she asked me who those 2 were and I it chicked, my mom and dad had a son and a daughter that passed away right after birth. My mom went through 2 full term pregnancy and lost both children. Those two babies that were next to my dad were my brother and sister that passed almost 40 years ago. She told me stuff about his siblings and mentioned to me that my Papa’s soul was waiting my uncle when he had passed, and basically met him at the gates of heaven.

Jordan also told me about how I would leave my job but not til the end of the year and how I’ll get into life coaching, which I always wanted to do but never told her about. She gave me messages to pass on to my family, and right at the end of the reading she said “Justine you know you can do this too right?! You’re also a medium” I wiped my face from all the tears that gathered and look at her and said “ well I’m not surprise you say that cause I’m really good at guessing and my mom use to tell me when I was younger but never gave that idea too much energy”. She then proceeded to tell me how I’m surpressing my gifts and that I need to not be scared of them and embrace them.

It was crazy, an old client of mine Andrea explained the feeling to me perfectly, It was like I was that little girl in the movie, who always felt different from everyone else, over comes the evil step mom and on top of all that, gets told she has some kind of magical power all she has to do is believe. The 27 year old in me was like “ok ok, now what does this mean” and the 13 year old girl in me was like “YAASSSSS I’ve been preparing for this my whole life!”

FullSizeRender 3

That night I was in my apartment in Whittier. I was on bed laying on my side, I started to pray to my dad. I said “Papa if this is the kind of life I am meant to live, the life of a medium, a psychic then I’m ok, but you have to show things to me slowly because if I start seeing ghost right off the bat I just might loose it.” As I finish saying that my room gets a little brighter. I open up my eyes in absolute fear and one of the lights in my room turned on all by itself! Was this a sign from spirit? Was this the “take things slowly” sign I was asking for? I mean I rather have lights turn on alone then see a ghost in front of me. As I slowly turn to look at the light my hearts racing! I keep telling myself “Justine! You literally just asked for this! DO NOT BE SCARED!”

It was the best feeling and the worst feeling, from that point on lights kept turning on and off in my apartment, I ended up sleeping in the living room so many times because I was scared. There were times where picture frames would drop. I’m a big Baby when it comes to stuff like that too, now I’m getting use to it but in the beginning man was it horrifying!

When I went to go see my mom I told her all about what Jordan had told me and she agreed with the stuff Jordan had said. I then said “Mama Jordan told me I was a psychic medium too” and as my mom blows out her cigarette she lifts up her eyes brows and says “ya I know”.. lol It was the funniest thing. She also told me that if I was going to give anyone guidance or healing messages to not do it for free, she said “make sure you get at least a quarter or a 10 cents from them that way you balance the energy”… In my head I was so surprised on how supportive my mom was being on this topic. Let’s be real, its not everyday you kid tells you they can contact the dead. lol

So its been about a year that I’ve known and practiced with Mediumship and worked with Divination Tools. Ive given so many readings, I’m meditating which I know helps so much, and  its been a hell of a journey. I also haven’t told everyone this, Some of my clients I had at the wax place I never told, considering how open I am with other things. I think it was a total insecurity thing. Some of you might not even believe in mediumship, but I think the biggest lesson I have to learn here with psychic abilities, is that the less I care about what other people think, the more accurate I am with my readings. I don’t have to care if other people don’t believe in me, I have to believe in me and everything else will follow. I am very blessed to be able to give messages of light and love, its truly feels amazing to give people that little message of bliss. I’m also not gonna lie, it’s pretty freaking dope to see how shocked poeple get.

Stay tuned! Next I’m gonna tell you the story about my first contact with spirit!

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3 thoughts on “I see dead people?

  1. I love the way you write 🙂 i see dead people got my eye and the piece lived up to my excitement

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    1. Yay! That’s what I was going for. I was worried that it sounded a bit morbid but Thank you so much for reassuring me 🙂

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  2. You just quit a job to soul search? Wow


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