I recently (December 2017) left a 4.5 year career as a Wax Specialist. It wasn’t all vagina waxing, lets call it by its name, a Brazilian… I also waxed eye brows and other body parts as well, and no I did not wax guys private parts.

I started with the wax center in June of 2013, right before everything happened with my dad. I was working at Starbucks at time and did the 2 job thing for a few months.

I thought it was gonna be weird to see absolute strangers in that kind of position, but let me tell you after my first week of training and waxing family members, waxing strangers is easy and less weird in comparison.

I am gonna continue to post about the journey I had as a waxer and some experience I had with while working there. You see, the main objective for this blog is to help inspire people to be there authentic self. So I am going to be sharing stories of my experience and the experiences of the amazing people I have met while working there, and to be real, 4.5 years, a new client every 15 mins and have had over 70 coworkers while being there… I got some stories to tell you.

Being a waxer and an empath, it was very easy for these woman to open up to me. Think about it, you’re laying down half naked in front of someone while they are pulling hair out of your most valuable possession. There is a certain bond you have with your waxer when she says “knees to chest!” Lol (thats how we waxed the butt! Lol)

And in 4.5 years, I have seen woman grow. For example, this girl. Lets just call her Rise (names will be changed to protect the privacy of these individuals) well this girls story is so crazy and I was able to watch it grow, and let me tell you. From my angle It’s such a beautiful one.

You see Rise had just gotten out of this relationship and was kind of lost, just like all of us, a death of a relationship regardless if the relationship is good or bad is a challenge we all have to face, and some more than others. Rise did everything she could to focus on herself, she started to gym it, and really get her life back on track. Month after month she would tell me how she was dealing with things, and how she slowly started to really love herself. Seeing her go through that journey was scary and beautiful. It’s so easy to fall into self pity after a breakup but Rise, even when things weren’t going her way, she always had that hope that everything will turn out ok and that gave me hope with everything I was going through as well. She was one of my main supporters when it came to coming out to my mom, so I truly respect this woman. I gave her advice, and she gave me advice, and we always listened to each others opinions and acted on them. It was truly a mutual friendship. She wasn’t just a client but an amazing friend.

One day durning her monthly reservation she told me how she met this amazing guy, Angelo. She told me how amazing he was, a family guy and a real go getter. That Angelo was different from any guy she has ever met. While she was telling me the Story of how they met, it was almost like in disbelief that life could be this blissful. Rise usually dated older men, but this guy was around her age and was extremely mature. I asked where she had met him, and of all places it was in Sin City (Las Vegas). Just so happens they both lived in Cali and only miles away from each other. I guess when its meant to be, the universe will always find a way.

It was really cute seeing her talk about him, if anyone deserved that kind of whirlwind love it was Rise., and it was truly after she fell in love with herself that someone also fell in love with her. It was not soon after she met him that they fell in love with him. They then got gifted with a beautiful gift from god, a beautiful Baby Girl. Now the daughter is a few years old and the most adorable girl you’ll ever see, big cheeks and a beautiful smile.

I saw Rise go from the struggles of a breakup, to building herself back up to this amazing woman, and with that sparkle of faith that everything is gonna be ok, to meeting Angelo, the guy who changed the game for her, and gave her a beautiful baby girl.

The way Rise smiles now, no one can take that away from her.

Moral of the Story is that I have seen the rise and the fall of hundreds of woman, and at the end, every breakdown led them to some amazing breakthroughs.

I want to share my Story along with there stories to help inspire you to never give up, be true to who you are and to remember, Only you hold the key to you bliss ❤

Namaste Fam 🙂


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