rainbow after the rain

Sitting with my coworkers on a long Saturday afternoon, The girls started teasing me and saying how I shouldn’t be so scared and I should really try utilize my gifts.  Laughing along with them my coworker Selenia (sounds like Selina) gave me a ring that she was wearing and said ”Try to contact my mom!”

Here is a little back story, When I first met Selenia we weren’t close. I was always busy with clients and so I didn’t get a chance to really connect with her, thats until her mom Jovina suddenly passed away. She had been sick for a very short while but her health took a quick turn for the worst right at the end. Selenia and her siblings lost there mom in a blink of an eye. Jovina was this power house lady and she was the families rock, and just looking at her you know not to mess with her, an amazing heart but don’t you dare touch her babies kind of attitude.

The feeling of loosing a parent suddenly, something that not many our age have experience. As soon as I found out I surrounded Selenia with so much love and comfort. Seeing this young girls heart break day after day missing her mom killed me. I gave her all the advice I could give her. Letting her know how I dealt and was dealing with the loss of my dads conscious abilities. I felt like I had to take this girl under my wing, though I didn’t know her well, I saw the pain she was feeling, I felt the pain she was feeling and I just wanted to help her.

And I did help her, a lot, I filled a little place in her heart. But I didn’t know the way I was gonna help was through actually connecting with her mom’s spirit on the other side.

We all stood in the long hallway of the wax center. I looked at Selenia with her moms ring in my hand, and told her of a name that came to me, she had said that it was a name that was gonna be used with her mom. As I was telling her my jaw started to lock up and my lower back started to hurt. I started messing with my jaw and rubbing my back, all of a sudden tears all pouring down Selenia’s face and she walked away. The girls and I go to grab her. Selenia looked at me with tears in her face shaking her head, she said “the way you are moving, your back, your jaw, there is no way you could of known those thing about my mom. Thats how my mom moved with her pain”

It seems that her mom gave me sensations for me to move in a way that Selenia would recognize and believe that her spirt was there with us.

The following week was incredible, I was able to really connect with Jovina multiple times after. She told me a story of how she was when she was younger, her likes and dislikes, she showed me her attitude and energy. Its so hard to explain how, but It’s as almost spirit will show me a little movie in my head, their reality overlapping our reality. My eyes are open and I see the people in front of me but the only things I can pay attention to is the living room that spirit put me in, and feeling the cushion on a chair spirit sat me in.

Flooding my mind with memories, I got a message for Selenia.One minute Im cleaning my waxing suite and the next minute Jovina puts in a room with VHS movies everywhere, sitting on a recliner. I turn to my left and seeing Selenia resting her forehead on the top of my hand. I feel Selenia yearning for her mom not to leave, a daughter who couldn’t imagine life with out her. In that moment I became one with Jovina’s spirit and felt what she felt, saw what she saw. It was heart breaking and so beautiful, I felt as if I was invading a private moment between Selenia and her mom.  memory of a daughter who doesn’t want to let go, and a memory giving from a mother

The message was to remind her daughter, that in the moments that you think your alone,  know that your mom will always be there with you in spirit just look for signs.

One day I got this weird feeling I should send Selenia a rainbow emoji, later to find out that moment, her and her sister had to make a decision to sign a lease. That emoji I sent her, was her moms way of saying “yes do it”…

Rainbows are the main symbol for Jovina to the ones that love her, and those rainbows always show up when then they need those signs the most.

Seeing the laughs, the smile and the tears on her face after I tell her all the memories her mom shares with me is the best gift I could receive. That reassurance that all the energy I put into this work has a purpose and its to help people heal and to realize that our love ones are always with us.

I am so grateful to Jovina for giving me this amazing vivid experience, and to Selenia for trusting me with her mom.

I hope all of you who read this, understand that our love ones who have passed over, and  even souls like my dad have the ability to show you signs, all you have to do is ask.

Love you guys!



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