My first Solo Trip <3 Sedona/Flagstaff

The library section of the Grand Canyon Hostel in Flagstaff.  I wonder if the keys2bliss key is still there!
I took my first solo trip this last December. I had such a great time and really got a chance to enjoy my alone time since the previous weeks were crazy packing up my life and quitting my job. I stayed with friends and family in Arizona but rented a car to go to  Sedona, It’s a beautiful place with such a good vibe. I was able to see and do a lot of cool things that you will be able to see in this video, and some I wasn’t able to record. This is my first time really attempting to edit a video so bare with. Hope you enjoy ❤
My tour guide Kelly from the Pink Jeep Tour was absolutely amazing at her job, She made the tour fun, wild but safe, was really knowledgeable on everything Sedona since she was born and raised there, and took so many great pictures for me and the group I was with.

Love you guys!

Namaste ❤


Left about 20 Keys2Bliss keys in Sedona and Flagstaff. I even gave one to this really sweet lady I met while having breakfast at the hostel.
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2 thoughts on “My first Solo Trip <3 Sedona/Flagstaff

  1. I love Sedona. Did you look for any of the energy spots with crystals? Or do the chakra photographing?


    1. I didn’t do the photography, but I did do a 1 hour Reiki Session and it was good! I went to one Vortex at airport Mesa. The locals told me to go to that one since I was traveling solo.

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