Korean BBQ to Tofu

So for the past 28 years of my life I spend most of that time over weight. Not Extremely over weight but I did hit over 220 being 5’5. Its been a complete yoyo. Back in 2013 I lost about 50 pounds in a matter of 4 months. It started with a diet, but later on that year I ended up gaining all of it back when I was going through my depression after my dad situation in the hopstal. But soon after that I was able to loose it all and even gain muscle. I was able to loose all that weight and learn all about muscle building and the importance of macros. I even met these 2 great guys at my dads care facility who basically took me under there Fitness wing and took my body from average to thick and solid and I was squatting my body weight. All of a sudden I went from Justine the friend you go to a buffet with to Justine how much protein should I be taking. It was absolutely amazing. Soon after got into relationship with someone who loves all the food I love and who is also willing to spend alot of money one meal like me. It was just all bad, I had found myself back to 210 pounds or so. Not as bad but it wasn’t any good.

Then one faithful day late November. Kathy and I were at the Souplantation at The Beverly Center. There I was sitting opening up a baked potato, and I grab the biggest scoop of bacon to put on my potato I get this random download in my mind. I cant explain it but it was as if within the matter of 2 seconds I realized that I was not eating bacon, but I was eating an animal. An animal who was no different than my dogs. My dogs feel pain and now I saw what I was doing. Keep in mind the day before this Kathy and I went down on some K-town  KBQQ!

What I was doing was pure gluttony. It would of been one thing if I was being healthy but I was just being selfish. These animals were no sacrifice to my hunger but a selfish act to fill a void. 

Just like that I went from a carnivore to Herbivore, It did take about a month or so before I went straight up vegan. I had a lot of cheese in my fridge that I didn’t want to waste and ended up not even finishing it. It was weird I went through this bad faze where I almost hated people for being so evil and not seeing what they were doing. But snapped out of it and didn’t want to spread fear. But instead I wanted to show everyone on how amazing being vegan has helped me. It gave me clarity of mind and I felt so alive.

At the time I went vegan I was about 200 pounds. After a month of being vegan everyone was telling me how amazing I looked but since all I wore were Large red scrubs and stretchy pants I couldn’t tell. Till I step on the scale and in the matter of a month I lost 10 points. Without trying.

All I was eating was carbs, spaghetti and tofu and rice, and Alot of Vegan versions of fatty meals. I wasn’t trying to loose weight it just fell off.

I ended up loosing a total of 40 pounds in 4 months. It was crazy. I did gain a few pounds back, and I don’t have the muscles I once had. But since I was young Ive always been the chubby girl, and now I was on the other side. The girl who can eat whatever she wants without gaining weight.

Though I did loose alot of weight I was in no shape or form fit and healthy. I was “skinny fat” but I didn’t care, Damn I’ve paid my chubby girl dues. And clearly not everyone can do this, its good to check with your doctor and go slowly. I am currently gonna go back on my Fit Fam journey and I will keep you posted on how it goes with just plant based protein and see how great it works for me now knowing that my body cant take protein from animals.

What started as an act of love for all life, ended up giving my body the language of food that it understands and inevitably gave me back my life.

Im not trying to persuade you on going vegan or make you feel some type of way for eating meat. But I did have 2 friends who saw my vegan journey via Instagram and decided to go plant based as well and have told me how much clarity and how light they feel now.

So try it if you want and see what happens, remember to talk to a doctor first though. Katherine wanted to be vegan but for her health she needed protein from fish and cant do soy, so she is as vegan as possible but does eat fish, and see that is ok with me. I know it bothers kathy and sometimes it gets to her too now, but the number one thing you need to remember, is that you only have one life in this body, make it easier on the knees and eat what your body needs. Ya it sucks when I think to deep about it, but we are all on our own journeys and everyones body is different and I understand that.

But as for me, as long as my body tells me being vegan is still healthy for me and the best option I will continue to be plant base and save as many animals as one person can, and be healthy along the way. There are times I eat bread if it may have milk or egg in it, but thats like when I am at a wedding and thats the closes thing to food I can eat. I don’t like to be an inconvenience to anyone, so now I know to eat before a party. Luckily my best friends is vegan so its nice to have people who want to double date dinner with you!

Thank you so much for reading my vegan weight loss story, I would love if you can share this post with anyone thinking about going vegan or vegetarian.

I appreciate you so much!



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IG post from my transformation being vegan ❤ @jlinpal
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