It’s a Match

Once Upon a time in the crazy realm of online dating, there were two woman. Kathy, a Visual Designer who just moved to California with a suitcase and $2,000, after living in Brazil for most of her life and Justine, a 26 year old who grew up in LA county, a Cosmetologist working in the field of waxing, who had just been through the worst times of her life and using youth and pain as an excuse to do whatever she wanted.

For those of you who heard an altered version of the story I am sorry and I will explain in another post to why that is.

In this Story I will tell you the truth on how I met Kathy, the girl who changed my game with just a touch and who ironically is every karmic lesson I will ever have to learn all wrapped up in one person.

It all started the Summer of 2015, I was single, I felt abandoned and betrayed by relatives, and just moved out of my moms, you can pretty much say I was out for blood. I just wanted to have fun and be young. This was the first time in my single adult life that I was out on my own, and I took full advantage of that.

When I first moved in with Sarah and Bri. My intentions were to just be me with my new form of freedom, at the time I was so broken from what I had gone through tons of mental breakdowns, so I was looking for was the next distraction.

The roomies, Sarah and Bri are a married lesbian couple that I’ve known for a while and are those friends who just know you more than you know yourself.  I was in denial about wanting to be with girls again and to be honestly I think the reason why I moved in with them was so I could subconsciously be ok with the fact that I was. My mom actually called me out on it when I told her that I was moving in with them, but ignored the comment. The whole time I was living with them I was so Anti-Relationships and Anti-Commitment. How can you blame me, I was cheated on and lost any rights I had to my papa within a matter of months.

A few months after living there I decided to open up a Pink Cupid account, which is just the girl version of OKCupid. That’s where I first saw Kathy, her picture seemed a little boyish for me and if I was gonna date a girl I wanted someone who dressed very feminine. So I didn’t reach out to her, and just kept scrolling. A few weeks or so later there she is again but now on my Tinder. This time I swiped right and waited to see if it was a match.

FullSizeRender 2
A page from the book Kathy designed for us. 

It was and we started talking right away, I don’t think it was even 9am yet. That morning at work I was with my friends Natalie and Mel and we were talking about childhood games we played when we were younger. The game MASH was brought up and if you don’t know what MASH is, its basically a game where you choose 4 crushes and it tells you your future. But this was just a childhood game that a 12 year olds would play to see if they had a chance with a member of the latest boy band, or was it…

We start to play the game and I tell them the names of who I wanted and as she tells me I need 1 more name so I say “Just put Katherine, she’s messaging me on tinder”

The way the game played out was that Kathy and I end up getting married with 2 kids and I have a Honda SI…

As Kathy and I start talking and really getting to know each other via text she tells me how she moved to LA from Brazil, so I asked her if she had an accent, she sent me a voice message and nope she didn’t. You see, Kathy was born in Cali, but moved to Brazil when she was a young girl. Japanese by Heritage but a Brazilian girls heart. Her English was well spoken because she had gone to international school which required them to speak only in English. With both Kathy’s parents working as Flight Attendants Katherine has seen more of the world then some of us can only dream. She also speaks 4 language. Like really! this girl is so impressive. She is everything my younger self wanted to be. Little did I know that it was more of who I wanted to be with.

Katherine was easy to talk to, she responded quickly and was so willing to link up right away. LA Pride was a little over a week or so away so we made a plans to meet up there. She was different from the people I’ve met. She had energy and didn’t play the dating game we all like to play. It was different. She had no shame in telling me she wanted me, and not in the way you think. It was like this confidence of knowing what she wants and attaining it. She is a Leo so that it makes sense that she has that predator/prey mentality with things that shimmer and shine to her. Thats what really attracted me to her. Her confidence and I wanted to be hers as much as she wanted me.

Sunday of Pride I arrived nervous to West Hollywood knowning I was gonna meet up with her, so it did start with my friend Morgan and I taking shots before Lyfting over to West Hollywood.

I was at the hip hop stage when we met. There she was, this tall asian girl wearing shorts,  thighs thicker than mine, a drink in her hand and a cigarette waiting to be lit. That awkward moment when you say their name… “Kathy?!” Come on! who else would it be. She felt so familiar, and no its not because we look very similar. Her energy felt as if this wasn’t the first time we met. It was extreme deja vu.

LA Pride 2015…   ❤

I introduced her to my friend who eventually disappeared… She was there with 2 of the most entertaining and real people I have met in a while. Jess this sweet guy, who you could tell was just ready to find love and give love. I have never seen a heart as open as this his. Mic, a girl who didn’t have any interest in Lesbians of the Taurus flavor. I guess she had known someone who was a taurus and as soon as I met Mic, she made it very clear she knew the kind of game I play, but listen, it wasn’t in a rude way at all, even if it was I didn’t see it that way cause she was absolutely right with her assumption of me at the time. Boy were we both very wrong. I really like Mic, I think it was cause we had so much in common underneath the surface, thats why were able to roast each other and have a good time. The 4 of us had an amazing time at pride. We were buying each other shots, dancing, and just being young. It felt like those movies when the scene is at a party and there is lights everywhere and the camera man is spinning. Thats pretty much our whole relationship, even up to now.

After just 2 weeks of getting to know each other, I took her to Vegas and Laughlin with some of my closet friends and their families. It was too soon, but I didn’t care. Ryan and Albert told her drunkenly in a restaurant at the Tropicana in Laughlin, and I quote “Fuck Justine, you’re always invited.”

Nevada 2015
Vegas and Laughlin in July is my favorite!

almost 3 years later and yes she is always invited. Sometimes Katherine gets invited by my family and friends before I even do. I swear when my friends see her their eyes light up.

This is just the tip of our love story, and I will be sharing more of how I came out to my family, why I kept her a secret for so long and my favorite story, how I asked her to be my Girlfriend.

But This is a story that has been told in many different ways, mainly because I wasn’t ok with myself. But this is the truth. Our epic love story started on Tinder.

Thank you so much for reading ❤

Namaste Fam



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