Spirit Space

Spirit Sesh!

The ultimate tool for setting up your astral realm and at the very least this will be an entertaining read.

Some people call them Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Divine Messengers. I like to call them Team Justine. Think of yourself as a Company and your astral self as the building. My astral building is called “Spirit Space”   You have a mission, a vision and a brand. Your spirit guides are your employees who take care of you from the astral realm. Some guides are there from birth to death, think of them as the CEOs, and from there you have your guides who help protect you like how any company would have on-site Security. 

You’re guides have no other motive but to navigate you closer to becoming your truth. In other words, their job is to make sure you complete your destiny.

Many guides are assigned to you before you are even born, But some are just Temps who you can hire per project. I requested a spirit guide when I started my Reiki class, That guided helped me retain and study all my information for my Reiki class, and just chills till I need there guidance. The astral realm is timeless and limitless.

Spirit space is set up for one reason, and one reason only, and its to create a space where my guides can impress thoughts in my mind to push me closer to my life purpose. It’s those ideas your get randomly, or that quick move you made to avoid a major accident. Those are you guides whispering in your ear. It’s important to make sure everyone entering your Spirit Space is there for the highest and purest intentions. There is no such thing as time and space in this realm. So situation that appears in the astral realm may seem long, but in our reality may feel less than a second.

But before you start hiring angels and guides and giving out task, lets start with some of my favorite Guides . I call them my “Being Bouncers”. They run the Spirit Space building for Team Justine. Those are the guides I communicate with the most. Giving them names and characteristics only strengthens their traits, a way to call them forth when you feel an unfamiliar vibe and an easy way of giving gratitude to their assistance.

Bubbles – The Gate Keeper to Spirit Space – The front door to Spirit Space looks like the back enterance to a Bar on Sunset Blvd. Bubbles, The Muscle, Dark skin, Tall, and built like Power Lifter. He checks I.D’s at the door to make sure only the energies of love and light can enter Spirit Space. He knows all the CEO’s and Temporary employees who are apart of Team Justine. Bubbles mainly assist in my energy work when dealing with spirit guides and deceased love ones of those who I am working with. You can’t get in if your name isn’t on his clipboard.

You can have a Gate Keeper for your space even when you don’t work with spirit the way I do. Think of your Gate Keeper as Your Vibe Bouncer. If someone in your path is being negative and you don’t want to catch their bad vibe. Just ask your gate keeper to keep bad vibes out. They will know what to do from there. Give your gate keeper a name, or ask them what they go by durning meditation, or you can even ask for a sign. Be creative and opening about hiring your Team of guides. They are there, so might as well give them more juice and have fun with them.

Snow – The Coordinator of Spirit Space – Long and wavy Platinum white hair, thats she pulls to the side, tan skin and dressed in all white business chic. Snow has a great sense of conviction and is responsible for the energies that come to Spirit Space. She oversees the Spirits who aren’t on the list that are here for Divine Discourse and helps all spirits new to Spirit Space navigate their way around in order to give me the most accurate healing messages and impressions. As well as managing the rest of Team Justine.

Tobias – Security at Spirit Space – Black chucks, Jeans from the 90’s and a white T-shirt. Tobias main job is to maintain harmony and balance for Team Justine. Tobias is a comedian but when a job needs to be done, he handles it like a soldier. Tanned skin with Dirty blonde hair. He escorts all spirits in and out of Spirit Space.

I call him forward when I feel an uneasy energy entering my space. Just like a regular Company and building can sometimes have hackers. It happens in the astral realm, but setting up your team helps minimize it dramatically.

and then we have babe

Babe – The Animal Guide at Spirit Space – a short haired black dog, Large in size. Babe adds the energy of loyalty and innocence. Babe likes to roam around, But mainly stays with Tobias. Babe loves the attention he gets in Spirit Space and his presents can vibe up any room. I call Babe forward when I need a loyal shield to hide behind. For example when I’m awkward situations

My “Being Bouncers” keep my astral space organized and working smoothly. With all the spirit work and shadow work I do, I open portals for beings on the astral plane to enter, Thats why setting up my Team was so crucial to my spirit work. It insures I only invite beings of love and lights who help me towards my purpose and the purpose of those I work with. Preparing for Mediumship work I give the names of the spirits I want to call through to Bubbles and keeps those names on a clip board. He is only to let in whose names are on the list.

Those Spirits who come through without being invited, thats where Snow comes in to analyze if that spirit is here for Messages from the highest of love. It happened not so long ago when I was giving a mediumship reading. I was talking for a mom, and all of a sudden someone elses grandpa came through. He took over spirit space, so that this other girl could get this message of releasing guilt from another situation. I was able to finish the reading with the mom. But that girls message from her grandpa was very important in her releasing some guilt she was carrying with her the past few days. So thats when snow comes in. She allows those hijacking spirits, who have message to help.

Spirit space is my Astral Building where my inspiration from the other side comes through. Once inside Spirit Space, all members of Team Justine have access to my third eye where Team Justine has there own Projection rooms where I get visions as if it was on a big theater creen. My feelings for empathy, where I can feel the emotions of others and energies around me, seen or unseen. I feel what they feel. My ears for hearing spirit, when they want to give me an audio message, and my favorite is when they just download information into me, and I don’t know how I got it. Those senses are called Psychic Clairs, practicing reading with Clairs can really help your intuition, we all have the ability to use our Clairs to contact our guides and angels. Meditation is always the way to strengthen your intuitive sense.

Setting up my teams gives me a sense of security and peace, especially working with spirt. Give it a try, and set up your team. I also have a Ninja Spirit guide who helps me with fast reactions, and if you know me on a personal level you know how I can have those ninja reflexes. Thats all my Ninja guide!

Here are some tipss to finding out what your guides names are and how to call them forward.

  1. Make a list of the guides you would like on your team.
  2. Give them characteristics and abilities that can help you for their particular job.
  3. Now one by one get into a calm relaxed space and think of each one, and ask them for their names. It’s usually the first name that comes to mind. But don’t worry you can also ask for a sign.
  4. Now Thank them for the guidance on your journey and know that they will always be doing their job. Call them forth whenever you need extra assistance.


For most of you this will resonate well, and I strongly urge you to give love and open up the doors of communication with your angels. Send them love cause they will always have your back.

Namaste Fam ❤





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