Letters to

This is the introduction of The Letters to Myself and Others Series

My intention is to be raw with you, and just maybe, together we can find something only few search for, compassion for ourselves.

Have you stared at a childhood photograph of yourself, innocence in your eyes and think “You have no idea whats about to go down”

Approaching my 29th Birthday, the New moon and the end of my menstrual cycle , The topic of the past has really come up to surface and I can’t seem to shake it.

Its the beginning of the end to a trifecta of cycles and my energy sensitive ass is an emotionally shit show, I can’t contain it, and to be honest I’m not quite sure I should.

For the past week I’ve been dealing with Flashbacks to my past. One Minute I’m filing some paperwork and the next minute I am 13 years old at Los Nietos Middle School in front of my 8th grade Math teachers class.

It felt so real, the smell of the air, the middle schoolers walking around me, the sound of the cars from Slauson Ave. I felt insecure, innocent and young. I felt the feeling of the bushes hitting my arm as I walk pass the cafeteria. I was really there, Time and Space didn’t exist in that moment.

The Flashbacks and some great advice from a friend have truly inspired me to start writing letters to my past self and to the amazing characters in my life who shaped me.

Deep topics for me and will be revealing a side that not many people may know, the beautiful disaster called my Shadow side. The dark side of me. But if you ever watch Once Upon a Time you should know that every hero has a past and every villain has a future.

I strongly suggest you look at an old photograph for yourself and ask yourself, What does that version of yourself need to hear.



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