28 years old and I just quit my job to soul search…


My Skeletons… There are things that I share with those around me, and stuff that I also keep to myself, being scared of how some people may see me. But what the past year has taught me, is that showing my most vulnerable side was the biggest tool I needed to connect with people. Yes, I’m aware that I’m still hiding behind a laptop but a small step in being your authentic self is better than no step, right! This is me and my thoughts, bad punctuations, wrong grammer and all. I have a pretty interesting story so it will be worth it, I promise.

Do you know my life is very similar to Cinderella? or that I’ve been in a relationship for over 2 years with an amazing girl named Kathy? or that I have the ability to read energy and talk to those who have passed away? sounds crazy right!? Well if you’re still interested. I will be using this blog to tell you all about my experiences in and my thoughts, and why I kept certain things a secret.

Follow me on my Journey in life. Ill be sharing some amazing and inspirational stories, my own and stories of amazing souls that have cross my path.

❤ Justine


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